Summer Holiday Workshop

Summer Sounds



If you're looking for something to do in the summer holidays, try our Summer Sounds workshop!

 Suitable for young musicians aged 7-17, this week long workshop includes skills and techniques, song studies, live performance, jam time, musical games and quizzes. Students will form their own bands, write a smash hit and even record a music video.

 Available for guitar, drums, bass, vocals & keys.

 Monday 22nd July - Fri 26th July
 Monday 29th July - Fri 2nd August

 9:30 am - 3:00pm


Only £220!

Term Dates


Private lessons:

W/c Mon 29th Apr - w/c Mon 15th Jul (11 weeks)


Half term:

Mon 27th May - Sun 2nd Jun


Workshops & bands:

W/c Mon 29th Apr - w/c Mon 8th Jul





  Beginners To

Band Members


Guitar, bass, drums


This workshop is designed for complete beginners and gives young musicians a chance to build their confidence while learning a new instrument


Fri 3rd May - Fri 12th Jul



Full price: £205

Advance price: £184.50

   Rock Band



Guitar, bass, drums & vocals


Students will work on expanding their repertoire, learning more complex songs while continuing to develop their existing skills.


Sat 4th May - Sat 13th Jul



Full price: £265

Advance price: £238.50


Step Up

On Stage


Guitar, bass, drums


With a focus on live performance, Step Up On Stage helps students to develop and build upon their existing skills and abilities on their chosen instrument.


Fri 3rd May - Fri 12th Jul i 12th Jul



Full price: £205

Advance price: £184.50




Guitar, bass, drums, vocals



Really good fun and a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for getting into

(or getting back into) playing with other musicians and learning a range of contemporary and classic songs.


Students will learn a song in the first half of each session and then rehearse, building up a repertoire of around 7 numbers.


Tues 30th Apr - Tues 9th Jul

Thurs 2nd May - Thurs 11th Jul



Full price: £265

Advance price: £238.50

Private & Group Lessons


Guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboard


We offer 30 or 60 minute private lessons, suitable for students aged 5-adult from beginner through to advanced level.


30 minutes                                       £25

30 minutes x 6                                 £138 (£23 p/w)

30 minutes x 11                               £220 (£20 p/w)


60 minutes                                       £38

60 minutes x 6                                 £216 (£36 p/w)

60 minutes x 12                               £363 (£33 p/w)


Slots are available Monday-Friday at a variety of times. Please call us on 01372 740 300 for more detailed information.


Lessons must be paid for in blocks of 6 (half term) or 13 (full term). One off lessons are available as indicated above. Late payment on blocks will result in lessons being charged at the one off rate.


Please note that we cannot refund or rearrange missed lessons.


Sibling discounts available.


  Rock Band


Guitar, bass, drums, vocals


This popular live performance workshop is great for students who want to

improve their skills and build up their repertoire of songs.


We usually cover 7 songs over the course of 10 weeks and students get

input into the songs they get to play.


Basic theory knowledge required!


We offer two streams of this workshop and can advise on which stream

is appropriate for each student.


Sat 4th May - Sat 13th Jul



Full price: £265

Advance price: £238.50





 Ukulele, drums & percussion


Get your kids into music early with this introductory workshop.


We use ukuleles to make it easier for little fingers, but still incorporate basic skills which can be transferred to guitar.


Drums & percussion also teach rhythm and beats in a practical but fun fashion and we'll cover real songs you can hear on the radio!


Sat 4th May - Sat 13th Jul




Full price: £185

Advance price: £166.50



Term Time Workshops


Our 10 week workshops are perfect for students who would like to improve their skills and meet other musicians. We keep motivation high by choosing contemporary songs that demonstrate a variety of practical skills and techniques.


A 10% discount is available if paid in full before the start of the workshop. The standard price may be paid in instalments with a deposit on booking and the balance due by 1st May.


Age 4-7


Kids Rock: Saturdays 9:00-9:45/9:45-10:30


Age 7-11


Beginners To Band Members: Fridays 17:00-18:00

Step Up On Stage: Fridays 18:00-19:00

Rock Band Juniors: Saturdays 11:30-13:00


Age 11-17


Rock Band: 13:00-14:30 pm




Remastered: Tuesdays 7:30-9:00

                      Thursdays 7:30-9:00



Further information is available on the rest of this page.



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